[Request] Autoplay Music!

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    I have this custom made mp3. Less than 25 seconds long. And I though it would be GREAT to have it play on my blog ONCE, as soon as the reader enters the blog.

    I can even upload it to a third party and use it from there, but I need a widget like that. I’ve browsed these forums and quite a few people want this feature.

    I IMPLORE the great people at wordpress.com to consider making such a widget??? Pweeesh? *puppy dog eyes*



    Staff have directed that all requests for new features be sent in by feedback along with the reasons the requests is being made.



    I thought the sonic-whatever (I forget the real name – sorry) widget could be set to autoplay?

    Gotta admit though that I’ve never been back to a site that does that. My browser = my music. That’s my own opinion though. If you want me to listen to a piece of music, suggest it. I’m usually listening to recorded voice mails and emails as I sit here and do other things.



    This is the thread you’re thinking of https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=9378 but sonific does not allow uploads of one’s one music.

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