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    WordPress has great functionality of categories but I thought it has room for improvement. For example, I open 3 categories, one for Google, One for MSN and one for Yahoo! and then realise that I would be better off with a single one called Search Engines, then it would be nice to have a feature called Merge Categories.

    Also, if a Delete a Category, everything goes to the default, which sucks. Can we get a choice, as to which category does it goto?



    That would require a rewrite and probably should go to the developers.

    Also they’re not going to the default. They’re suppose to. I noticed that when I redid my categories a few days ago. Seem like they go to a limbo category with nothing presented.

    Good idea though.



    I have a request about categories too. I’ve just imported my blog from Blogger, which contains over 500 posts. It seems that in order to categorise these, I need to go through every single one individually, which is going to take days and days.

    I’d like to be able to categorise multiple posts at once. I envisage this working similarly to managing multiple links, whereby you tick a box in the post’s row to select that post, then choose a category from a drop-down box.

    Admittedly, this isn’t going to be 100 % satisfactory, but I think it would be better than it is now. Would it be possible to add this?



    I agree on multiple categories.



    As far as Sub-Catagories go, it’s a great function, but there are some faults. If I want to create a Sub-Cat with the same name as another Sub-Cat that has different parent Cat it won’t appear.


    I’d like to be able to specify the order of the categories. At present they just display in alpha order by name.



    Hi guys,

    I love WP but it REALLY needs a feature for batch category editting. I would love to be able to look at a page of 100 posts, and then add/remove a category for all of them without having to edit each individual post (which can take be a major resource hog if you don’t disable the WSIWYG editor first).

    I find that going back and recategorizing posts is a pretty natural action, as the categories you initially set up might not match how you are using your blog 3 months down the road. Not to mention after importing when everything is uncategorized.



    Agreed but with how the database tables are set up, I don’t know how that would occur. There’s a seperate table for posts, another one for categories and a third for how they relate to one another. I can imagine the resources it would take on WP’s end to do a search thru all three tables for each post.

    I would suggest sending in a feedback on it from your Dashboard. Even the standard WP doesn’t do this though.

    Good luck,



    Are there any API tools out there for doing admin type interactions with WordPressMU? I’m guessing API tools of that nature would have been pretty pointless for single-user WordPress, so they probably don’t exist.

    (And no, downloading the XML dump, slightly changing things, and importing it doesn’t work. :) It may work if you wiped everything and then imported but who really wants to try?)



    Me, I’ve done it a couple of times when I was having issues with the MT importer. Takes a few hours for 600+ post blog. Lots of fun. :(

    There are tools on the Admin side for MU but it’s pretty much overriding settings of the enduser stuff, activating themes, and the like.



    I think it would be a good idea to be able to choose which categories get listed in the category widget. I have some categories that are just parent categories, they have sub-categories that have posts but they won’t show up in the widget because the parent category doesn’t have any posts.

    Or maybe you could create a parent category that is solely a header and nothing more. That way, sub-categories could still be listed.




    I have some categories that are just parent categories, they have sub-categories that have posts but they won’t show up in the widget because the parent category doesn’t have any posts.

    Create a dummy post that has all of your categories in it, that will fix hierarchy issues with the parent+children not showing up if the parent is empty.

    Note that it is a bug with the specific theme you are using, not with categories in general. Switching themes to one that doesn’t have the bug would fix it as well.



    Thanks engtech. I did actually think of that but decided to add the parent categories to the first post containg the sub-categories instead. It does the same job. Wasn’t aware there was a bug in the theme I use, but I’m happy with it anyway. Perhaps it’ll get fixed one day. Thanks again. :-)

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