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    For all practical purposes blogs should have turned out to be social-networking types. It should have allowed us to connect and see what they have updated when we login – either in the admin or better in the sidebar. (In sidebar we can put the Feed widget, but it is not as simple as “Add as friend”/”Follow this blog” click). We already have blogrolls, so the latest few of the additions should be displayed in side bar. It is very easy to implement using the RSS but more importantly, among the wp.com blogs, it should be a breeze.
    Tumblr incorporates this stuff in the admin panel, which is a nice gesture too. (Oh, tumblr also provides easy templates for post/video, wp.com could incorporate something like that. Its a nobrainer but ppl fall for it).
    SECOND important thing I would like to see in wp.com/wp.org is the feed-blogging. If I provide a feed, those should be converted to posts on wp.com/wp.org – and with an option of daily digest. This will not only make cross-posting easier, it helps integration of twitter etc services. reblog.org provides a plugin for this, but would appreciate if this becomes a part of WP itself.



    Staff have requested that all “ideas” be sent in by way of feedback along with all reasons why the blogger is making the request. All you will have to do is copy and paste the contents of this post and send it in. The feedback button is on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page.

    See also: http://wordpress.com/blog/2006/08/13/related-tag-surfer/



    I believe they don’t do RSS post enabling specifically so WP.com is less attractive to blog scrapers. Twitter, of course, can’t be integrated to a WordPress.com blog at all.



    I’m trying to figure out what they’re asking for.

    see what they have updated

    OK, that’s the Blog or Friend surfer. We already have that. Dashboard -> Friend Surfer.

    Feed blogging on wp.com/wp.org

    OK, we already have that on the regular wordpress blogs with about a half dozen different plugins although I know that at least one has been removed from download since it’s been too abused by spammers. Staff has said many times in the past that they won’t allow it here for the same reason.

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