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Request Feedback bug?

  1. Hi.
    I like the request feedback a lot. But today i noticed a thing that is not good.

    When I hit publish I would like the post to show that publish date/time. And it does but not if you have used the request feedback feature.
    Today I published a post I have been working on for some time and the "date published" for the post is yesterday!

    It may sound like a minor thing but if you are connected to portals/engines that automatically link to your posts when the post are published it becomes a problem.
    Many of my visitors check a portal page every day to look for what has been posted today on various sites. And today they miss my post beause it is listed as posted yesterday. But yesterday when they checked the portal my post wasnt there because I hadnt published it yet.

    I suspect it is the request feedback feature that causes this. I used it yesterday for this post.

    And I cant just change the date published for the post because that will break links that's already out on the net.

    Isnt it possible to fix so that a post's date is fixed the moment you hit "publish"?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Please post an active link starting with http:// for the blog in question so we can examine it.

  3. I see this > Postat i Betraktelser, Medias mörkning av Affe den juni 28, 2011

  4. Well, maybe it's the wrong forum. I think the problem I'm talking about is something the programmer has overlooked when the request feature was designed.

    When I compose a post and use the request feedback feature it seems like the post becomes attached to that time and date.

    If I publish the post the next day it will say that the post was published the day before.

  5. @affes
    Are the date and time zones correctly set to reflect your own on this page? Settings > General If you have not adjusted them then this could account for your issue as the default time zone setting is UTC time.

  6. No it's no problem with the time zone. I have had this blog for more than two years and this has never happened before.

    I published this post today June 29th around 16:00 and the "published date" became June 28th 19:13.

    I found out I had used the Request Feedback feature yesterday around 23:00.

    So there's no immediate link between the weird "published date" and me using the request feedback feature so maybe I'm on the wrong track blaming that feature.

    It's strange...

  7. Okay then you need to report this to Staff for sure. I will flag this thread but will you please make a full report here?
    At the bottom there will be a section that says “Have you found the answer to your question?” You can choose either “Yes I found the answer to my question.” or “No I didn’t find the answer to my question and I would like to contact support for help.”
    The no option will reveal the contact form.

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