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    Hello! I like features. But, I would also like to see two features added to it. First is some kind of a forum. And the other is a feature to display one’s own advertisements. Some fee can be imposed on per advertisement basis. The quality of advertisements may also be controlled by some kind of approval system. These two features would add value to the blogs and would benefit both as well as the bloggers and website owners. Sorry, if I sound like an ignorant person.

    The blog I need help with is



    As far as advertising, already runs advertisements on blogs and there is a sharing program for bloggers who get 25,000+ pageviews/month. You can read about it here


    25,000+ page views per month is too big for some of us. There should be something for those, who get around 1000-2000 page views a month, too. And a provision can be made to display ads that we manage to get at our end. Some of us may also rope in some advertisers at our end. We may pay some fee to for placing a text or pictorial ad in the widgets.



    in february 2011, i hit 25 k mark and applied for ad control, then again in july 2011, when i hit 32 k per month readership. i was all pumped up to make some cool cash for the honest hard work that i had put into my blog since 2 years, one hour per day.
    but what the reply i got on both the occasion ws this –
    Hi there,

    ‘hi there, The Ad Control beta is full at the present time. I have noted your application, and we will contact you if a slot opens up.’

    so, stop day dreaming about earning by ad by any means in instead, write your ebooks and offer your services and you can offer to sell your own ebook here. i am making around 10 – 12 usd per month by ebook and services.
    for the time being, no option but to feel satisfied with a little bitter feeling at heart.

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