Request for post orginization.

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    Hey guys.

    In the future I’m going to be reviewing a lot of video games on my blog. Now I realize once I write one, I can assign it to a category and the person can click the category to find it. My problem is that I think it’s going to be difficult for people to find the old reviews without using the search feature.

    So here’s my request.

    Make it where instead of having the posts in the Category, I could make it where it’s just a link to the actual post. So instead of seeing a huge page of reviews that people will have to dig through, you’ll see…

    o Review: New Super Mario Bros
    o Review: Mario Kart DS
    o Review: Brain Age

    From which the person could click, and be taken to that review.

    Thanks! :)



    you could do that with a text widget and a link tag. i did it with mine but i called it most viewed posts.

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