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Request for theme (maybe I am missing something)

  1. Hello,

    I would LOVE to see a theme that offers excerpts on the front page (like Hemingway) with the very nice larger-type format on a light background (like Sapphire, which I use now). As far as I can tell, Hemingway is the only one that does excerpts, but I do not like the tiny light type on a black background...or rather, I *love* the look, but it's just too hard on the eyes (it's kind of like a pair of shoes I have: they look great but hurt my feet :)

  2. It's been complained about before. :)

    Actually if you use the more button within your posts, you can get any theme to publish an excerpt on the front page. (What's before the more tag within the post is excerpted, everything is shown on the post page.)

    Hope this helps,

  3. Dr. Mike -- thanks!

  4. There is also an option for an "optional excerpt" on the Write Post page. It appears to be theme dependant though and all the ones I've chosen don't appear to support it.

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