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Request help on registering my blog for wordads

  1. I write a blog here with decent hits per day. I just came across WordAds which help me support my effort on the technology I write for. I read through the FAQs and see it talking about US and European users [also requesting SSN], I work from India, what are my options of using this feature to continue investing effort on my blog and how can I proceed with it

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you read through the WordAds FAQ you may have noticed that you'll need to register a custom domain name to be eligible.

    In any event, you're talking about a site whose last entry was in August 2012?

  3. Thank you for writing back.

    Two things ...
    I do not recall of seeing a mention of custom domain, it read the blog should be on, if not my bad.

    Blog is a helping hand to community who follow it, so the got to be old but followed on comments section where I try to help those in trouble.

    Now that's ok if no wordads on it ...should have helped if it did, I could have dedicated a new device to community.

    If I have to host a custom domain what difference it makes by writing at WordPress rather running it independent...

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