Request of a new feature in Enterprise or all themes

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    Please, do implement this or a shortcut to the same result:

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is



    You got my vote


    I’d second this suggestion. It is a no-brainer to me.


    Oops, I guess I’m “thirding” it then.


    AND it would be nice if it were an option that we could use or not use as each of us sees fit.



    To be clear my vote is not a vote for the Theme Team to edit every template for every theme we have to include this feature. My vote is for adding this to the newer themes only and continuing to add it to new themes as they are introduced.



    P.S. oops! I also support TSP’s idea. I would like to see that feature be optional so each blogger can make their own choice.


    I’d like to see some of these features added to the older themes, otherwise compared with the newer themes, they become dinosaurs, and there are a lot of people out there that still like the older themes. If you go the the themes page in your dashboard, and click on popularity, the first four pages are virtually all older themes.

    There are just some features that should be standard on a theme, and in my opinion, this is one such feature along with drop down top navigation tabs on all themes with top navigation, but that suggestion is for a different thread and time.



    That’s a convincing argument based in theme popularity.

    As we aren’t discussing other features we think ought to be standard to all themes, then I won’t be suggesting that every theme ought to have navigation links to <- Previous entries and/or to -> Recent entries at the bottom of each page, right? ;)



    Just to be clear what tizianosolignani is suggesting is not dropdowns from Parent pages to child pages. His theme Enterprise already has them.

    He wants the links to sub-pages to automatically appear on Parent pages in the Enterprise theme particulalry as it’s the one he is using.



    I guess the best solution would be to creare a new shorcut such as [subpages], retrieving pages with criteria or subpages of the one where you put it, in alfabetical order or according to the order number, if any.

    This way the feature would be wordpress-wide and not theme-dependent and would be optional for the user, one can choose to insert it or not.

    I guess wordpress coders could take the archives shortcut and modify it to collect subpages instead and release the new shortcut, it should not be so diffucult to develop.

    Thank you.

    PS it this the best we can do to get our suggestions to the developers?

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