[Request] Option to disable subpages on Redoable Lite

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    Is it possible to add an option to disable the subpages section on Redoable Lite theme?

    I mean this: http://img833.imageshack.us/img833/9504/58445819.png

    I think it’s annoying and does not actually contribute to the navigation or the page itself (specially when you have a lot of pages). Even worst, it doesn’t really matter in what page I’m at, I keep seeing ALL my pages on that section.

    I’m not saying you should remove it permanently, but to add an option to keep it enabled or just disable it depending on one needs.

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is bayharborbutcher.wordpress.com.


    Create a custom menu and you can then create submenus. Most themes here do not natively support submenus, but with the custom menus, all themes with top navigation do.



    I do have custom menus/submenus, but that’s not the issue. Take a look here: http://bayharborbutcher.wordpress.com/secciones/

    Hover your mouse over “Secciones” to see the menus. Under that you’ll see the subpages I’m complaining about. In my case those are redundant.


    Did you set all of those pages as child pages in the page editor?



    Yes I did. They are all pages and subpages of the main page “Secciones”.


    Actually, yeah, that is what you have done. With redoable, it was designed before the custom menus came out and it is designed to show all the child pages when you are on the parent page.

    Go to pages > all pages and use the bulk edit feature and in the “parent” pulldown select “Main page (no parent) and then save and all of those will disappear.



    They’re now gone. Thank you!


    You are welcome.

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