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[request] Sphere Widget for

  1. nastylittletruths


    no.. saw no announcement and under design, extras snapshots is enabled and the other about hiding links is unchecked... am i missing something?

  2. The hiding links extra is the related posts.

  3. I really want to add Sphere, amonst other things WordPress! Great product but not enough usability! Come on guys, lift your free game!

  4. Hi all - thx for being such a vocal group about adding Sphere to On Friday, Matt announced that has added Sphere Related Content to every post. We hope you like it but i fnot, you can simply opt out by going to Design > Extras and check the box to do so. But if you remove related posts from your blog, WordPress will remove you from other people’s blogs, so you won’t get traffic from that.

    If you have input, and I imagine this group will [ - :) ], please ping me at [email redacted].

    Thanks again for the awesome support.

  5. I am still a newbie, but if sphere related content has been added to every post, then shouldn't there at least be a mention of sphere at the end of the post.
    If not sphere related posts?
    Maybe I have so few visitors, I am not included in this?

  6. I'd like to have it!

  7. freedom sphere for !!! (or I'll kill the dog ;-)

  8. You're WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY behind. It's already here, but it's not a widget; it's built in. Skim around the forum and you'll see three weeks worth of threads about it.

  9. gramblingfacts

    I would love to see Sphere added to It'll generate some hits from (where I see Sphere used the most). I don't see any negatives from adding this plug-in...

  10. You've had it for at least a month now. Poss. related posts. Read the post above yours.

  11. The way it works now, it will generate hits from your blog TO CNN, but not the other way around, generally speaking.

  12. Please add SphereIt!!!

  13. its high time... plz do it now

  14. You appear not to have read the already exists on your blog, unless you've shut it off.

  15. Its is importnat ... and must be implemented

  16. You already have it. It's called "Possibly Related Posts" and in your Dashboard>Design>Extras it appears as "Hide related links on this blog, which means this blog won’t show up on other blogs or get traffic that way". Leave the box UNCHECKED to have it appear on your blog.

  17. Sorry, Justjennifer, and raincoaster, but we don't already have the Sphere widget. "Possibly related posts" works differently than the built-in WordPress/Sphere "arrangement:.

    I believe what people are asking for is the ability to install the Sphere widget, and I would like it too.

    Odd that with all these posts, it seems as if WordPress management is ignoring this topic.

  18. Possibly related posts was built by sphere.

    Don't hold your breath waiting for wordpress to add the actual sphere widget. I just don't think it will happen.

  19. WE WANT SPHERE!!!!

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