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    I just found this too good to be true Spell Check Plugin for WordPress based on AJAX, yes, you read it right. It’s caleld Visual Spell Check and currently works in FF, IE and Opera. It works well for those using the NON-WYSWYG editor for WP like me. iT’s 100% amazing and 1337. I request some WP Admin to please install this as it is great and time saving too!

    Here’s teh URL http://matthew.delmarters.com/weblog/visual_spellcheck/



    Don’t look for it very soon, at least not until the admitted bug issues are settled.

    In it’s current version the plugin doesn’t play nice with WP’s Quicktag function.

    Also note this is a rework of an older WP using AJAX of about 6 months ago. I have used it with no problems with the Quicktags.



    There may be also an issue as it’s released under the BSD open source license while WP is release under the GPL. Not sure if they translate….




    Hey marc. I am very interested in the older version from 6 months ago! Could you give me a link so that I can analyze it? I would like to see if it can help me with the QuickTag bug – note that this bug only occurs in Firefox – not in IE.

    Look for another release hopefully later this week…




    There is a very good spellchecker, same functionality as the demo above, in the new beta Google toolbar available at Google. It works fine in the wordpress.org posting box.

    It has an auto corrector built in that also works well for me. Leaves the auto corrected in green while checking so you can accept or not.



    delmarters, the one I was referring to is actually the same one you have linked on your page. Broken Notebook. I used it for six months or better with no QT problems. Eventually I dropped it because my readers ignored it.

    No reason to keep something that just added to code bloat.



    It also doesn’t look like it’ll work with our WYSIWYG, which would be a real deal-breaker for most of our users.

    Don’t fret though, I’ve been investigating ways we can add spell-check and it’s definitely on our radar. (I want WordPress.com users to look good. ;))



    Yeah, that is a shame.. But glad to note that you are keeping your eye on this. Matt, know what. One thing I really like about WP is that you guys always/almost always respond to our queries and suggestions instead like other systems, scripts.

    Let’s see if the guy can come up with something that works with the WYSWYG editor.



    The issue with the spell-checker conflicting with the QuickTags in Firefox has been resolved. A new version is now available for download:

    I will look into integrating this plugin with the WYSIWYG Editor – but cannot make any promises in this regard as it was not the primary goal of the plugin.

    Thanks for the feedback all – keep it coming. I am keen to make this plugin as useful as possible…




    Any update on this? – Nevermind! I just saw the post on the new spellchecker built into the editor.

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