Request to become moderator of Italian Forum Support.

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    I am a proud wordpress user since 2004. I transferred my site on because it’s the most amazing wordpress hosting I’ve ever seen.

    I know wordpress hardly, I am Italian and I am able to speak english fluently. I am giving my support on the italian forum (and it seems I am the only one that gives correct answers). I would like to ask if I can become part of the moderators team. I am always here: patient, gentle and kind.

    The url of our italian forum is
    my username is franaltomareblog
    my blog is: /

    Please, say yes. :) I will be proud of it!
    Thank you!
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, thank you for offering help! Here in the English forums, a lot of work is done by volunteers without moderator rights. You don’t have to be a moderator in order to help new users learn about and answer questions.

    The moderator role comes with the added responsibilities to moderate spam comments (and unspam false positives) and occasionally move topics between threads or edit them (e.g. to remove sensitive information like financials or an email address). On the Italian forums, we have an active moderator who at the moment is able to take care of these tasks in a timely fashion.

    We encourage people to get familiar with the forums and spend a few months contributing. Once you do that, you’ll have a better idea whether or not it’s something you’d like to commit to in the long run (bearing in mind that the main perk is helping the community :), and we can revisit whether it makes sense for you to step up to a moderator role in the Italian forums. I’d suggest posting again in 3 months, in December 2012.

    Thank you again for volunteering and helping the Italian forum community with your answers!


    Hi Jenia, I’ll keep going on giving all the support that the other italian users need. :)

    I’ll post my request again next december. Thank you for your answer!



    You are welcome, and again, thanks for your help in the forums!

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