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request to transfer followers

  1. Hi,
    I moved from to
    I have the same domain and just switched nameservers.
    I want to transfer my email followers.
    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Staff require you to install the Jetpack plugin and activate it. Then you must provide both URLs in this thread and they will move your subscribers for you.

  3. I've tagged this for staff attention and hopefully they will be around soon to transfer them over for you. Make sure that you have the Jetpack plugin installed and have connected it to the account here that has the blog you want the subscribers transferred from.

  4. @timethief beat me to it.

    G'evening @TT

  5. Hi,
    Jetpack is installed.
    I am in the process of transferring to the new host. I am not transferring the domain. I just switched nameservers. Do I need to wait for this to take effect before transferring email followers?
    Please let me know if you need more information.

  6. Where is the URL for the blog please?

  7. I guess I am not understanding. I'm sorry.
    The blog is at I guess it's also at
    When it transfers to it will still be
    I still need to transfer followers, right? Or will they come with me if my blog domain stays the same?
    Thank you.

  8. Not to worry as Staff will sort this.

  9. Thank you!!

  10. @sweetveg - I don't show that your site has Jetpack installed.

    If you do, delete the plugin, reinstall it, then reconnect to your account. Once I can verify you have a working connection, I can proceed with the follower transfer.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  11. Hi,
    I deactivated jetpack, updated it to the newer version and reactivated it. Is it showing up now?

  12. Yep! Thank you.

    I've started the subscription migration. It should take around an hour for everything to fully transfer over.

    Let me know if you need help with anything else!

  13. Have similar question,

    I installed wordpress on a subdomain ( paid the $13 per year for the domain forward,, and to all forward to That works great.

    Now how do I get my email subscribers over to the new site through jetpack?


  14. @epicjrhigh - could you please start a new thread to request your followers be transferred, and add the word modlook in the Tags section in the right column so a member of Staff will respond.

    Thank you.

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