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Request to verify my email for a seemingly suspicious website.

  1. Hello WordPress,

    I am sending you guys this email because this afternoon, I received a request to verify my email again. The sender's email was [email redacted]

    I found this quite strange because I thought I already did the verification shortly after setting up my blog last time.

    My Problem is i clicked the link they have sent me.
    here is the link they've sent me to verify my email:

    Just wondering whether [email redacted] is indeed part of your team and if not, kindly alert us bloggers so that we know which is spam and which mails are truly from WordPress.

    Thank You,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. here is the suspicious email address: sales @ secureserver . net (without the spaces)

  3. Flagged for staff attention

    Note: the redacted email can be read by the staff, the redaction is a security feature to protect you in case you entered your email, the redaction keeps the email away from search engines and others that might do you bad stuff

  4. I have also gotten a similar email, but for domain. Without it, they claim, I cannot "fully manage [my domain]".

    Is this a phising email or a badly formatted WP-related email?

  5. @emilfkkarlsson
    yes that's the one i have also received.
    here is the image of the email:
    my problem is i clicked it, and it said "Thank You for Verifying" (or something like that.

  6. i just wanna know if it is an email really connected to or another phishing scam.

  7. if someone already encountered this kind of email and also clicked it, please let me know what happened (if ever something happened).

  8. can a staff or an admin or anyone please let me know if i have anything to worry about..?

  9. I also recieved the exact same email today, I have not clicked on respond, I would like to know this as well.

  10. @markcmuzik - the staff generally work these requests from oldest to newest, so when you post every 10 minutes looking for an update, you move your request to the end of the line

  11. I received this as well...also clicked the same "account verified" message. As soon as I clicked it, I felt like it was a mistake. Any advice?

  12. The email is legitimate. It is being sent out to users who have registered a new domain through us. The purpose of the email is to verify your email address so that you will have access to your domain registration.

    We are looking into fixing the email so it looks more like what our users have come to expect from

  13. @jackiedana
    thank you so much for answering my question ma'am..
    1 thing ma'am, after i clicked verify, they sent me another e-mail with the same conten (wanting me to verify).. do i have to click it again or i'm good clicking it only once?
    more power to you..

  14. If you need to click a second time, please give that a try and let me know. To be honest, this is new for us as well, and we're reporting any issues our users run across so that we can try to tweak things.

    I have seen some reports of the email verification not working properly, so if that happens, let me know that as well, although that has already been reported to our developers.

  15. I got a first email on 13 Jan and a second one at Jan 14 (I have one newly registration domain and one that I have had for years). I did not click any confirmation links until 15 Jan and then I clicked both.

  16. This should really be addressed, even if just by branding. I had the same worries, glad it has already been responded to.

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