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    I’ve had a user that’s a troll – ie s/he writes lots of spammish nonsense in my blog. It is always from the same IP.

    I would like an improved troll control function – ie I would like, if it is possible, the ability to ban users from my blog.

    Is that possible?

    Thanks in advance.



    There is little you can do about people who annoy you.
    We do not block IP’s but even if we did they are trivial to work around. Whatever blocks you put in place they can almost certainly get around – if you had your own domain you could password protect the whole thing but that reduces your chances of others seeing let alone commenting on your blog.

    Ignore them.
    Don’t post what he has left, don’t post any hints you have read what he has written. See it, delete it. Eventually they will move on.
    If you have not been ignoring them and you start to, their behaviour will get a lot lot worse – and then it will reduce. It will not simply disappear straight away.

    There is no easy solution.



    You can also block people under Options > Discussion by adding their name or IP address to the “moderation” or “blacklist” box.



    My very first blog, I deleted the entire thing because of someone. I later thought why the hell did I do that. I have a ProBoards board and the same spammer there is also spamming my site here it seems because the spam is coming from the same exact little city in Australia. The other day I found out one of my harrassers is on my very own blogroll. Nice, huh. Now I’m getting the feeling another person who’s leaving comments on my blog might be a completely other harraser of mine. Both from the same city in the Netherlands. But I’m not sure. I keep on banning IP numbers on my Proboards but they keep on coming back with new IP numbers. Someone told me it’s “easy” to get new IP numbers. Don’t know how. Just try to ignore it if you can. They will eventually get bored and move on, but to someone new then.

    A question to Matt or Podz. I’ve seen this done here on this forum but I don’t know how. But how can we comment on the forum without having our names clickable going to our sites? Thank you!



    Matt Na Posz – I too am interested in your answer to this question but perhaps for different reasons. I have more than one blog. My first one established or “primary” blog is an environmental/political blog click on my name in the forum and that’s where you find yourself

    I can see from the subject matter in the forum posts from the WP forum and the subjects on the forum posts that people are not clicking on my name to locate environmental/political information. The information they are seeking is in another of my blogs a secondary blog which is not directly connected to my name the way the”primary” blog is.

    Nosy is looking for something different than I am. I am looking for the ability to have those clicking on my name in th WP forum to connect with the blog that will have blogging information in it again once it’s restored to it’s former state.

    Are these changes feasible?



    TT – you can just change your web address in your blog profile and it will become whichever blog you want it to be.

    This will take effect in the forum and on your blogs (theme dependent).





    So maybe if I link to the Google home page or whatever, that would work for me too?



    Nevermind. La la la. . . . .



    Thanks, Matt. I should read the instructions more carefully before I request new functions. I just thought the moderation was about words, not IP-numbers.

    As to the advisability of blocking IPs. It is true that one category of trolls are adept at circumventing troll control systems, and in this category you find spammers and such. However, there’s a category of trolls that are common users too.

    The user I’ve reacted to is plain obnoxious; going OT at once and going ad hominem against other commenters or me for being idiots and such. I doubt this person is as versed in the ins and outs of the internet. For them, a troll control function would be advisable.

    And apparently there was one all along. So again, thanks. :)



    I’ve got a former customer out of Midland, Texas who has caused me no end of grief. I know how you feel. DDoS attacks against the servers and everything. Time Warner won’t do anything. (They don’t do much of anything in my opinion. Don’t get me started on them.) The Midland police won’t do anything. (They say they have no jurisidiction over cyber “issues”. they won’t even call it a crime.) He’s blocked at the router levels on my racks (The entire city is to the best of my ability) but he still tries.

    What’s the guy’s IP address anyway? (I would just list the first three sets of numbers else I would be just too tempted to try something. *whistle*)



    Cornell [smacking heal of her hand to her forhead she said] DUH, thanks for shaking up my memory cells c. I’ll do this immediately after I reconstruct the blog.



    cornell, I think you have to change the URL you want displayed via Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile. The only connection between the Profile in your blog and the profile here in the forums is when your account is created. After that, they’re seperate.

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