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Request: WP-Andreas09

  1. I've been hoping to see my favorite WordPress theme, WP-Andreas09 by Ainslie Johnson, on, but so far no luck. So I'd like to make a public appeal and ask everyone to check out the theme - and if you fall in love with it in the way I have, please ask the administrators to add WP-Andreas09 to so I can use it on my own site!

    It would be SO great to have a BEAUTIFUL 3-column layout to use there, since I cannot have a server of my own where I can control the themes myself... Please help me out if you like the theme. I would be so happy!

    The theme coders page about the theme:

    The designer of the original open source website template on which the theme is based:



  2. (please?) *quiet whisper*

  3. I'll look at it for the next Theme Friday.

  4. Quick aside. I like it as well. I hadn't seen it before.

  5. Thanks Matt, I appreciate it!

  6. Wait, has the theme friday passed already? I got so happy, please don't break my heart now! :/

  7. Oh, sorry, I missed the "next" part. I will wait and hope for the best. :)

  8. **ssshhh** Sometimes he doesn't wait until Fridays. :)

  9. why must it be on friday? why not monday, when it's famous with 'I hate monday' syndrome? Just to cheer up the workers at their workplace to see that their suggested themes have been added, on monday ... *evil grin*

  10. I've noticed a few of the themes appear earlier. Matt just posts about them on Fridays.

    Something to look forward to as well.

  11. Because adding themes is fun work and I like to do it on Fridays. ;)

  12. matt: Both the theme coder and the designer have posted notes about this thread on their sites. That is pretty cool as I love their work, and of course yours as well. I'm happy that you listen to the users, and i'm sure that more people than me would use this theme if it was added. Still waiting with excitement and good hopes. :)

  13. Check out your presentation pages.

  14. talkingbaseball

    OOOh. It's like a theme Friday but on Monday.

  15. matt: I bow in great appreciation, thanks a lot! Now there is not excuse to keep that stupid bl***er account. Beautiful!

  16. Thanks to Alison for suggesting the theme and thanks to Matt for adding it. Its really good. :-) However, there is a problem I facing. I have submitted the feedback, but wanted to know if it's peculiar to my case or others are facing it too. On each of the pages (main page, archive pages, category pages), in the first post there is a lot of gap between the post-text and the footer containing categories & comments links. The problem is not there with other posts on the pages and is seen on the post pages either. HTML code does not have any extra p or br tage.

  17. The style sheet has been edited and the class .category has had a clear:both; added to it. What this is actually doing is clearing the "posted on..." to the bottom of the sidebars!

    If the clear:both; is removed it should remove the extra white space.

    However, if you then have left or right aligned images, you will need to ensure that there is plenty of text or the image will hang over the bottom of the post!

    Hope that helps.

  18. Matt,

    If you want to contact me and let me know what you want to achive with the clear:both; I will work on a more elegant solution for you.

  19. When an image is tall and floated to the left (or right) it runs into other entries. This is a pretty common problem on most themes, most all have a clear statement in them.

  20. matt: would this be any help?

    I don't know CSS very well, but from what I can see it could maybe fix the problem in this theme

  21. A fix is queued for deployment.

  22. It appears to have been fixed. Thanks for the prompt response guys :)

  23. I really want to use this theme, but when I switched to it, it still had that "first post spacing problem"... What gives? is this a matter of hours for the deployment to end? Thanks,

  24. Yeah, it hasn't been fixed for me.

    Edit: I take that back, it's fixed!

  25. Many thanks Andy for the solution.

  26. Yes! Great. Thanks.

  27. This is a pretty nice theme. Thanks. :) It would be great to have more 3 column themes to choose from in addition to the themes that are already available. I hope that we will see some more themes like this in the near future (maybe even Friday?)

  28. fantastic theme, so well organized and so visitor friendly
    love the fonts and colors

    (the only minor flaw, like in most themes comments on pages are not possible, damned)

  29. wrnc: I agree, it is impressive. And it lists categories in alphabetical order, unlike most other themes here! Yes, comments in pages would be cool. Suggest it to the theme author and he may perhaps add it for afuture version. Personally, I would like to see sub-page support, maybe in a new sidebar menu for children pages. And I also think that the color switcher could add support for link colors too - either as an optional feature or as default. If I choose red, the links will be red too. But I still love this theme over all other.

  30. yes, I'm going to stick to it. Love the way comments are immediately separated and thus easy reading !!
    Yes, a bit of customization for the top bar color would be cool.

    Noticed a minor "bug": if you select "random" for a category, the links still appear in the same set order, apparently based on the creation date.

    I've got excellent feedback from friends anyway, they see that theme as a major improvement.

    I've contacted the author and the person who ported it to wordpress.

    EDIT: oops; no bug, the random option works fine :-)

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