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Request: WP-Andreas09

  1. Yes, a bit of customization for the top bar color would be cool.

    I see different colors on mine...


  2. ok, I know that. What I mean is it could be like on the wordpress theme, the ability to select more colors, nothing more.


  3. You're comments are noted. I will see what I can do for a future version once I can get a little time. I am working on another project or two at the moment.

    1) You want sub-page navigation.
    2) A page with comments template in 2 and 3 columns.
    3) More customization for the colors.
    4) Any more suggestions?


  4. I noticed how if a category/archive page has only one page of posts there are some unused spaces in the navigation area. Oh and can you take off feed: for the Subscribe links please?

    I love the theme though.

  5. @Ainslie

    as far as i'm concerned, two features would make me the happiest blogger (oh my blog ;-)

    1) comments enabled for pages (big big wish)
    2) more options for colors and tones for the top bar

    otherwise, that new theme is 99% a winner, in my book

  6. I agree, please remove the feed:// protocol from the feeds and just use the /feed/ ending! And ask the new superstar designer Andreas to make more color variations for next version! LOL... Thanks a lot!! :)

    matt (or any admin): if a new version of this theme is created where these requests are added will you update the theme here on

  7. I've noticed that other themes such as Ocadia that, when you type in text into the search box, it'll give you a popup of sorts that lists what articles that apply to that term. I kind of like that feature.

    I've also noticed that the left column is slightly lower than the right column, at least on my blog.


  8. Ok,

    I will see what can be done.

    Feed protocol can be removed. I though it was the way to go? Any more opinions on this?

    Colors can be added. I made a whole new set for my site, maybe if I ask Andreas nicely he will make a few more. I want to update the functions.php anyway - the one on looks better than mine.

    I hadn't noticed that the columns were not quite equal. I'll look into that. Maybe just a small difference in the style.

    Comments on pages are not too much of a problem as long as you are happy with the standard comments template.

    The pop-up on the search bar is, I think available as a plugin. I suppose this could be built into functions.php.

    It may be a while before I can get back to it. I am working on another you-know-what with you-know-who and then another - andreas06.

    Any more requests?


  9. Feed protocol can be removed. I though it was the way to go? Any more opinions on this?

    It's suppose to be. It's actually that way for an installed feed reader. Older browsers and/ or those without a feed reader installed reject it though. I vote for leaving it as is as it's technically correct.

    The pop-up on the search bar is, I think available as a plugin. I suppose this could be built into functions.php.

    It's in a couple of the themes that we have here.


  10. Okay, now I am around here too. Nice to be a part of such a nice collection of themes, that is very inspiring! I have read your comments and ideas, and although I have not done any of the theme coding (only the original open source website template that this theme is based on) I will pay close attention to the feedback. I will build more themes together with Ainslie (blogstorming) in the future, so all comments are welcome and very appreciated.

  11. I'd also like to see the categories to be able to display a third level if possible. It appears that the theme will only do two levels currently.

  12. This theme generates a lot of feedback, which proves it's a very good one.
    I'm so thankful it's been made available, as it is it's already great

  13. drmike: Good point, I'll keep that in mind for the next version and for future themes. I never use more than two levels, but of course the theme should support three levels if it is really used.

    wrnc: Thanks! I have got your e-mail, and will look at your suggestions soon unless Ainslie has already done it.

    Any suggestions for new colors?

  14. quote: Any suggestions for new colors?

    grey, brown but in fact I think it'd be cool if existing colors could have alternates: dark, light, plain color (without the current stripes or "woodlike" texture)

  15. Andrea, please note that it appears your preview links to are broken from your site.

    Is it me or is the post's author's name missing as well? Just noticed that.


  16. The post author is missing. Sorry. I built the theme originally for my site and there didn't seem much point adding it, but obviously it may be useful on a multi-blogger site.

    All these things can be added when I and Andreas get time. I am sure that WP-Andreas09 V2 would be well accepted so it will be worth doing.

    Thanks for all of your feedback.

  17. What are the chances of getting an updated version added here to replace the current version of this theme? Have any of the other themes been updated since they were added?

    And maybe more interesting, would anyone be interested of seeing the WP theme version of my andreas06 template added here? You can see original design in a live demo on (a bit down on the page). Please note that that is an XHTML/CSS template only and not a WP theme.

    I'm asking that because the WP theme version by Ainslie is soon ready for release, and if people here would be interested in it I guess it would be a good idea to ask for feedback and make all wanted changes BEFORE it is suggested for this site.

  18. I am using, and my theme is WP-Andreas09 1.5. For my categories widget, my customized name and the amount of entries per category are not showing up when it is in either the right or left column.

  19. I use WP-Andreas09 (on, and tried to add <img> tags to the text widgets on the sides, but seems that because of the CSS one can't do that in this theme ? All I got was just the alt text. Is it possible to fix this theme (if this is a bug).
    (for now I added those pictures through links sections, where it seems to work ok)

  20. I don't really know how the widgets work since that is a feature and not built into the original theme. And neither I or Ainslie can change anything in the adoption of the theme. You need to use the feedback form in your admin to request changes if you find bugs in the theme.

    However, from what I can tell, images should actually work. I haven't tested it myself, but I can't remember that there is any block for images in the sidebars. If you can see the alt text, it shouldn't be any CSS error.

  21. There is nothing in the original css that would hide an image as Andreas has said.

    I tried to log in to give it a try but it seems I can't right now :-(

    As Andreas said the sidebar widget is a later addition that we have no control over.

    I'll check it out when I can get logged in.

  22. Sorry, it seems the problem was connected not with images, but with some specific code I tried to paste (taken from the creativecommons). I tried to add images by myself, and it works fine.

  23. I really hope WP-Andreas 0.9 1.6 (or whatever upgraded version) will be available soon. The new features prepared by Ainslie do improve an already great theme.

  24. WP-Andreas09 is now upgraded to version 2.0, with full support for Widgets, 14 different background images (now with matching colored links!), localization support and best of all: Support for dynamic subpage menus. Bugs have been fixed, visual adjustments have been made and Ainslie has listened to requests from both bloggers and users with own hosting. Check out the new version at Ainslie's theme development site (note: may be offline at times) and leave a comment. If you like what you see and would want to use it on too, send a feedback note with a request that WP-Andreas09 is updated to the new 2.0 version.

    (hey, one of the color options is pink! Yay!) =)

  25. Ainslie, Andreas: I'm a big fan.

    I'm having a problem with WP-Andreas 09 1.5 displaying on Internet Explorer, and I want to switch to the new version and go over to BlueHost where I can exploit the features (I'm not an expert or a constant user).

    Is there any way I can have a look at some sites that are using WP-Andreas 09 v. 2.0 ?

    Is there any way I can track 'em down to look at?

    Do you think I'll have the same problems with IE users viewing my site and wondering what they're looking at?

    When ever you get a chance. You're doing great work.
    (I'll be checking back every 3 or 4 minutes . . . )

  26. No problem with WP Andreas09 on Internet Explorer as of this point.

    But haven't checked with IE on the old Mac OS9, which is prevalent where I work (a public school in NYC).

  27. I believe they upgraded WP-Andreas09 here at recently.

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