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Requesting ability to download avatar PNG images for a generic/generated logo

  1. Hello:

    I received a "suggestion" from one of my "followers" about our current inability to download high-quality PNG Image(s) of various sizes for the generated logo (or "Default Avatar").

    For example, I had a difficult time trying to re-size my "Identicon (Generated)" logo (which I saved/downloaded from the "[blog address here\" webpage) and lost the quality of this PNG image because of pixilation.

    Would we (soon) be able to download the generated logo of various sizes for areas such as "Gravatars/Wallpapers/Blog backgrounds/Header Images/et cetera"?

    Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I do not know whether I understand correctly what you mean, but if you want to download the gravatar-images (like the red icon you are using on this forum) in full size, just copy the images url and remove the parameter.

    So for your icon the url is

    after removing the parameters (everything after and including the question mark), it would be

    ...and there you have it.

  3. @ mkalina Thanks for replying. That technique will work. However, people like me won't know that "parameter" unless there's something easier for everyone.

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