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Require (my) user agreement for blog readers

  1. My blog represents a sub group of my association. Our legal department would like the blog users to electronically sign an agreement before creating an account for the blog (not a WordPress agreement, my associaton's agreement). Any suggestions about how this can happen?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Perhaps you could use the "membership" provision on this page to set up a process whereby only logged in members can post to the blog -> Options
    scroll down to:
    Membership: ____ Users must be registered and logged in to comment.
    However how you would combine that with a legal agreement I do not know.

  3. I would want to be able to edit the message, but that's not feesible.
    Any other ideas anyone?

  4. For that purpose you'd probably have to host your blog yourself - for example with software. No idea if it's doable though - they might know it at the .org forums.

    Point is, you'll need direct database access and a whole lot of scripting which is not allowed, nor accessible, on

    One way to work around it, though, is to place a static front page on the blog with your agreement and then let the user press "I agree" or "I disagree". That wouldn't be a electronic signature though, and not work as a legal agreement.

    - Biyang

  5. That's a good synopsis Biyang :)
    IMHO it's not possible to add a binding legal agreement to a blog unless you do as Biyang suggests. Or, unless you are prepared to host your own wordpress MU (multi-user) blogging platform.

    Perhaps you should post to those two forums requesting information from their members:

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