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    I have two separate blog groups on One group has one login and the other group has a different login. Each group has its own twitter and face book accounts. I set my posts in each group to publicize to its group twitter account. My one group, wordscribbler, all post to the twitter “wordscribbler” twiiter fin without problem. My other group, newurbansurvivor, was set up to post to the “newurbansurvivor” twitter account. Now, here is my problem. all of my newurbansurvivor postings are publicizing to the “wordscribbler” twitter account. Since these blog groups have very different focuses, I want to keep them separate. is their anyway for me to reroute or redo, however I have to do it, my newurbansurvivor blog postings to my “newurbansurvivor” twitter account?

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you tried disconnecting the app and then authorizing and reconnecting using the other Twitter account URL?



    Hmmm … do you have a single username account here with both blogs registered under it, or do you have two ie. one for each blog?


    yes, one for each blog.


    I want to keep all the posting from newurbansurvivor on the newurbansurvivor twitter page and all of the wordscribbler postings on the wordscribbler page. The twitters have different sign ins and the wordpresses have different sign ins. All the wordscribblers match and all the newurbansurvivors match.

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