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    To my great delight, I just learned that an owner deleted a WP url that reflects the name of a project I’ve been developing for several years. I’ve read previous related posts and understand WP policy; I don’t wish to waste anyone’s time.

    There was one teeny tiny mention of a potentially possible, blue-moon exception for blogs that have been deleted and never used. I checked the wayback machine and google search and can’t find a single result for this deleted url: no pages, not even a reference.

    How may I go about rescuing this seemingly (un)used and abandoned url and giving it a good home? I wouldn’t ask if it weren’t important. Thank you for your thoughts.

    Best wishes,

    PS: The subject line’s just a pun–I have a degree in women’s studies. ;)
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    As you have already read, you cannot obtain a deleted URL, the fact there are no posts in search engines is irrelevant. The URL is gone for good.


    Thanks, gg. Are you a staff member? Do you mean this particular one is gone for good or that as a rule the url in this situation is gone?



    I don’t know why this thread was flagged for Staff attention. thegiddygoat provided the correct answer.



    I didn’t flag it timethief.



    You can register another blog with a similar name.

    Or you can register a domain vis a domain mapping upgrade and it will not matter what the underlying address is.



    I didn’t think you did. lol :D


    There was one teeny tiny mention of a potentially possible, blue-moon exception for blogs that have been deleted and never used.

    Where did you see that?



    timethief i thought i’d state that just in case someone thought i did it LOL :)


    Thanks, timethief. I just want to ask a staffperson about the infinitesimal chance that the bottom comment here might can be taken into consideration.


    Oh, and I’m still working on the .com url, so no remapping yet for me.



    It is possible that, in future, we will consider reclaiming blog names that have been stockpiled by spammers and squatters and never used (although we make absolutely no promises that this will happen).

    The top level domain here is All free hosted blogs are on sub-domains. If you are committed to blog over the long term then I suggest you purchase your own domain.



    Oh, and I’m still working on the .com url …

    This domain name is not registered.
    Domain Status: Deleted And Available Again
    So I don’t know how you can be working on it.


    Thanks, timethief, I understand. I read no promises in the passage. The article did raise a possibility that I hoped might help in a case similar to the hypothetical ones described. I was wrong. I’m working on my own domain too, but negotiation is indefinite and I want to maintain continuity with a precursor url.

    Thanks again for your help, everybody.


    Jinx! I was required to choose a url when posting for help, but that’s not the url I’m shopping for. Thank you for looking, though!



    I’m sorry, but deleted blogs cannot be restored or reused. Deleting a blog is permanent and the name cannot be used again. There are several warnings about this on the Tools -> Delete Site page and in the help pages, and you are required to confirm the deletion by email.

    You can start a new blog by logging in to and then going to

    With any blog, you can also use your custom domain with Domain Mapping upgrade.


    Thanks, macmanx. I was just interested in possible name recycling.



    I flagged it, because I have seen it happen ONCE, within an hour or so of the blog’s deletion. But I also saw the OP wouldn’t necessarily listen to non-staff responses, because she had already read them.

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