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    I often loose trackbacks to when posting, deleting the post and posting again helps, but this workaround sucks. I also can not just resend the trackback, because WordPress notices it already sent the ping.

    Would it be possible to allow resending pings (for example with a “Resend” button with confirmation popup) or would this be abuseable by spammers to appear multiple times in other blogs? (I think the recieving blog software should catch and filter that, but I am not sure.)




    As I understand the code, if it’s showing up on your side that it’s been sent, that means a confirnation has been sent by the other side.

    What Trackback address are you using for them? Say for this article: I note that they have a different method and you have to send it to a different address, in this case:

    My written German is pretty bad so bare with me here.

    They mention that trackbacks for them are currently in beta. They list an email address if you need assistance.



    ah, ok, thanks. I just thought there could be a “resend” function for these cases, but I think I will contact their mail address as it seems the bug is really on their side. Thanks very much for the help!
    Trackback address is correct.



    Oh, I can understand the need for it as well. Wasn;’t trying to say that your idea was without merit but there might be other cause here as well.

    How long by the way do you wait until you try sending it again? It’s been noted that some times trackbacks don’t always go through right away around here. I’ve noticed that some take a few days to show up from my blog here to my real blog.



    drmike said: I’ve noticed that some take a few days to show up from my blog here to my real blog.

    Could it be that you forgot to insert the links into the sentence above?



    If WP is noting that something went and it got back a response, I kinda of doubt it.


    I have noticed that my trackback to a blog didn’t go through although my dashboard had said it had pinged them, so I notified the owner and they want me to resend it… would I have to pull the post, put it in draft and change the posting date for the trackback to be resent? That would stuff up any other links to my post wouldn’t it?

    Or should I just write another post and send another trackback to a more recent post of theirs?

    What to do?



    It’s really not a big deal. Open the post in question “edit post” and then insert the trackback and save the post.


    Yeah, I did that. I will just wait and see. The funny thing is when I did this and checked to see if it was sent it had to old ping registered as being sent, and the same one in the trackback section as if I hadn’t sent it.

    Oh well…

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