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  1. Hello,
    Well i made this account a long time ago and i want to delete this one, to start a serious blog.
    And i had a great name for it.... but when i want to create it, it says it's reserved....

    Now have i been searching and came on his profile, he excist already since 2010 and still hasn't activated his link...
    So is there any way to get his link, so i can use it?

    Oh yeah sorry for my bad english!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, if someone creates a username (but does not get the blog with the same URL) then that blog URL is reserved for that person with that username.

  3. so there is no chance of getting or the url or both? :(

  4. No.

  5. damn, i really hoped there would be a way of getting it....
    because that guy isn't using his account anymore :(

  6. Why don't you purchase your own domain via a domain mapping upgrade? If you do that then it doesn't matter what the URL is of the underlying blog is.

  7. Sometimes you can tweak a letter or two and still make a name or idea work - my mapped domain name is an odd abbreviation plus my first name - so play around a bit - you might be surprised what can be done - or bite the bullet as @timethief notes above for the highway robbery price of $ 17 / year for a regular domain name that is all yours.

  8. If you are committed to blogging over the long-term, then purchasing your own domain is the way to go. This article outlines what the benefits are in terms of increased credibility and flexibility. >

  9. I know, but i first wanted to test it, if i get enough followers etc..

    And i have a small dutch name in mind so i can't adjust it a bit, because there are no other words so short...

    Huge fail :(

  10. I'm sorry but there's nothing more we can do for you.

  11. You are able to contact to the owner of the blog name and get that account from him !

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