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    The blog I need help with is


    My username for many websites is donschindler. Unfortunately, wordpress reserved that for me and now won’t let me have it. Is there a way to retrieve my username so I can use if for my blog?



    Unfortunately, wordpress reserved that for me and now won’t let me have it.

    I’m not quite sure what you mean when you say WordPress reserved it for you – could you explain a little bit more?

    donschindler is already a user in our system, so if that account belongs to you but you’re currently locked out for some reason, just let me know and we can try to help you regain access.


    Yes, that is what I want



    Thanks for clarifying. To regain access to an account, please fill out our Account Recovery form here and our team will try to help you get it sorted out privately:


    It won’t let me finish it out because it thinks I just need to reset my password.

    Can you just switch the URL from to

    I need my profile to switch as well from donissauced to donschindler.

    It’s either that or I need to use a different blogging system. I really don’t want to leave wordpress. You guys’ system is the best.



    Can you just switch the URL from to

    We first need to make sure that you’re the rightful owner of donschindler in order to do that, which is what the account-recovery process is for.

    Could you please let me know what happens when you try to log in here?

    Have you lost your password? What happens when you try to reset it?


    When I go to this site, it doesn’t exist. It says this. doesn’t exist
    The address cannot be registered. Sorry, that site is reserved! But you can sign up and choose another one.

    I have this site – and I’ve use my email don.schindler at gmail to sign up so it’s reserved. My username is donissauced that I would like to switch to donschindler. But this name is reserved – I’m assuming because I signed up with that email.



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    I am subscribed to this topic.



    I thought you would be but I wanted to be sure that was the case. :)



    Hi there – the username donschindler is connected to a different email account than the one attached to donissauced.

    If you still have access to the email connected to donschindler, please try the password reset form here:

    Enter donschindler into the text box and then check the email account connected to donschindler user for the password-reset email. Follow the instructions to reset your password and you’ll then be able to log into your account using that username.



    Thanks for replying to this. I’m assuming that donschindler is connected to the blog my old employer set up for me. The email is (email redacted) They no longer have the blog ( and I no longer have access to that email account (I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist anymore). Is there anything else I can do to prove I’m me?




    Hi Don, I’ve sent you an email so we can continue this discussion in private.

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