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    Hi, I am new to WordPress. My business name is dani photography, but has already been taken, as well as

    However, when I checked on, it says that it is available. But when I click on Crete Blog, it says, “Sorry, that blog is reserved!” any idea what that means?

    Thank you for your time,
    Dani Mouser
    dani photography


    Staff is available, but you are receiving the error message because “daniphoto” has already been registered as a username. So, all you need to do is register an available username from . Once your account is activated, you can log in and visit to add the blog to your account.



    Sorry this procedure does not work for me.
    When I click in “My Blogs” on the button “Register Another Blog” ( and fill in to register which should be available, the next page says “Sorry, that blog is reserved!”

    I am registered as a valid user already, double registering as yet another member and trying to sign up for again does not change a thing!

    Best regards



    hello, i experience the exact same problem
    the domain name i wish to register as my blog seems to be free when trying to visit it but when im going to do the actual register in my account i get “Sorry, that blog is reserved!” =/



    Could reserved blog names relate to blogs that have been deleted? The blog name would not then be available as they’re never re-used.

    Any ideas, staff?



    I am having the exact same problem.

    And my user name is not = blog name I want to register



    This has happened to others and it’s not actually “reserved”. There is a glitch and you must contact Staff to have it sorted




    Bubel, thank you for taking the time to reply, but that didn’t work for me.

    Semmel and B00gie, good luck!

    Timethief, thank you, I will try contacting the staff. Wish me luck!



    Speaking of which, I would like to know if the reverse is true. As you can see on the left, my username is tbol3, but my main blog is (or rather was, before I moved it to, As an experiment, I tried to register with the username leifandersen, but couldn’t do it. Is that because by owning the blog, I have somehow reserved that username? It’s just a curiosity, nothing series. Thank you.



    Please refer to the Staff comment:

    Blog names are being reserved for those with matching usernames. If you own the corresponding username and are still encountering this error, please contact us in Support.



    I’ve had a few rounds of email with someone named Naoko in support. They weren’t incredibly descriptive of this problem–which I also was experiencing. @timethief‘s response (3:23pm on Jan 19th) is the most I’ve seen. And explains it for me. Thanks @timethief, even if I’m bummed about what it means for the blog name I was hoping to use. :-(



    Well, being the bearer of sad tidings sucks but I do appreciate the thanks.



    The “reserved” error message has been fixed and now it says it’s “not available” if you’re not logged in as the user with a matching username.

    To add a blog with your username, go to and entering your username in the “Blog Domain” box.

    Please contact support if you are experiencing any problem adding your blog.

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