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    I really wanted to register the blog and it seems that this blog does not exist, but when I try to register it I keep getting the error message that it is reserved. Is it still possible to register the name as I would really love to have the name.



    The blog is reserved for a user with the same name. At the time the user registered, he chose not to open a blog, so the address is reserved should he ever change his mind.



    So someone can cyber squat on a sub-domain indefinitely? My friend has been on blogspot and wants to move over to WordPress, but her same subdomain is “reserved” on WP and not being used. Is there something she can do about that? (What if this were someone maliciously trying to keep her from creating her blog on WordPress? Doesn’t that allow all kinds of behavior like that?)



    No there is nothing that can be done. There is no requirement here that one must use a blog after registering it. Big Brother is not operational here. . How do you know that the owner of the blog in question does not plan to return to it and use it? IMO jumping to conclusions and implying malicious behaviors is not wise. Accepting reality and registering a blog with a similar sub-domain name is a better course of action for your “friend” to take.



    If someone was really malicious would it not be better to have a blog with your friends name and they do things that reflect poorly on your friend but was inside the Terms of Service here so the blog could not be suspended?

    Many people have accounts here because they need the API number to run some Plug-in’s on a WordPress.ORG install.



    Indeed without a account one cannot get the API keys for Akismet or for wordpress stats for their self hosted install.

    However, we Volunteers simply provide answers. That is our only role here on this forum. We do not enter debate over corporate policies. Those who wish to debate can contact Staff using this link. We Volunteers simply move on and answer questions.



    Wow, timethief, could you possibly be more rude and condescending? Putting “friend” in scare quotes? “Jumping to conclusions,” “accepting reality.” Really? Who do you think you’re talking to, a five year old? I asked a perfectly reasonable question and instead of actually reading what I wrote, you jump to your own conclusions. How about if we start over.

    Yes, amazing as it sounds, I have a friend who doesn’t have a WordPress account so she asked me — because I do — to see if there’s anything she can do, so I thought of the forums. Big Brother? Uh, no, cyber squatting is illegal in many states now, that’s why I asked if WP has a policy about this. And what I asked was about a “reserved” name, not one that had ever existed as a blog. And yes, this friend of mine has reason to wonder whether someone has done something to keep her from using that name. People have a whole range of experiences you may never have experienced.

    I will definitely use the contact info and will be sure to mention your very strange comments as well.



    Those who wish to debate can contact Staff using this link.



    It’s only cyber-squatting if the person already knew you and purposely sought out the domain for themselves to do whatever damage to you.

    Say if you deleted your blog and now someone else gets your old name. Then let’s say their blog is about a subject you completely disagree with and would never be associated with. So when your family/friends/business associates go looking for you online, they find “your” new blog about a subject you have nothing to do with. Many problems could come from this destroying many things for people.



    SIGH …
    Our blogs are subdomains
    The domain <./strong> is

    The definition of cybersquatting applies to domains .



    I’m sorry I bOrked strong tag above. :(

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