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    Hello. I have recently begun using I have had a wonderful experience setting up a blog for the writing group that I established in my home town, and I would now like to create a new one for another project that I am working on. However, I have encountered a problem in registering the wordpress site that I would like. If I may inquire after the following two options:

    — I know this one is a long shot, as the site is already registered, but there has not been a single post since it was started in November of 2006. I wanted to inquire just in case there are any provisions for reassigning an inactive blog as this would be an ideal match.

    — halberdier, This would be my second choice if at all possible. It displays as not existing but reserved. I had noticed a few instances in the support forums where a staffer was able to assign a reserved site to someone who has inquired after it.

    I have an alternative, but these titles seem like a mouthful already, so I wanted to keep things as simple as possible. I am grateful for any assistance, and thank you very much for your time.

    Best Regards.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Someone may be using those names (accounts) to visit private blogs or to have an akismet key or to use jetpack. Just because there are no posts, or no blog but only an account, doesn’t mean the names are not being used.

    I don’t recall anyone getting access to an unused blog or account during my time here in these forums. But then, I’m not here 24/7.

    You could go the domain mapping route to use one of those names (if those domains are available)
    or add a number before or after the name to claim an almost the same name for your new endeavor with a non-upgraded blog.



    You can try leaving a comment on the blog – a long shot but your only shot


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    Go Roman rather than Greek: doesn’t exist

    Do you want to register



    That’s a lovely idea, 1tess. Thank you.


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    Do it fast: these forum topics are indexed by Google in minutes!!

    The “au” spelling might be more difficult for English speakers, but I know lots of Americans who drive Au-dis. And those are not even Roman cars. LOL!



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