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Reserved domain?

  1. I wanted to register the domain and when it came time to create a new WordPress account, I discovered/remembered that I had a WordPress account already when I tried using the same e-mail. I logged in and tried to register the domain again but the page tells me its been reserved? Is there any way to free up the domain again so I can take it, cos mettatonblog isn't the same...

  2. was not taken by the person with the mettaton username; it wasn't listed as reserved before? I didn't complete registration when I tried taking it so I can't login to use the domain. Help would be appreciated.

  3. Hi there,

    If there's already a username mettaton, only that username can register It's highly unlikely that the domain would have shown as available for you, as that username has existed on our system for over a year, and the address would have been reserved for that username all this time.

    There is no way to register a domain that is reserved for an existing username.

  4. That's why I thought of it strange but when I went to that domain, the page asked me if I wanted to register the domain and took me through all the steps normally. Thanks anyways.

  5. It might have been showing you a custom domain like Custom domains aren't reserved, so if you want to register that domain and it's showing as available you can.

  6. No, I remember very well that it was, I know the domain isn't available.

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