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    I have tried to register a domain ( and it tells me that the site name is reserved. But when I go check the website, it tells me that it doesn’t exist. Could someone please help me with this problem?



    Reserved means someone registered it but hasn’t used it. You won’t be able to use it, so pick something else. You even have the option of using and then getting a custom domain upgrade for $17 a year to make it which is what I generally recommend.



    I see. Thanks for the help!



    You’re welcome. Not every update is worth the money, but that one pays off forever.



    Hi Raincoaster, I have the same issue as revdb. Isn’t there some support saying, if you don’t use a domain that you claimed for 2 months it will reopen for others. I have my company name that I want to use, but it is also registered. When looking for it, the domain is not used.

    If you (as wordpress) don’t do anything about this, users can claim just to have it. You must have a policy on this.



    Once a person registers a WordPress.COM blog name the name is theirs forever – there is no requirement that requires a person to use a blog name they have registered.

    Some people have set up memorial sites for friends that died so the memory will live on – be sort of tacky to take the memorial away –


    Once someone registers a username, such as “gonzo” then the accompanying blog URL is reserved for them if they do not take it at that time, so in this example, would be reserved for them. That is done on purpose. What if you had the username gonzo and I registered that blog name and then did something on that blog that was totally offensive to you? Because the blog name matched your username, people would likely assume that you were involved in it.



    Now I understand. So when you register a username, the blog domain is also saved for that person. I get it now.


    Yes, that is correct.



    Hi I have the same problem as the previous two one I wanted to have but it was reserved and I found this:
    So is it possible to get reserved domains?



    As explained above when a username account is created the blog with the matching name is reserved. It’s only possible to get a reserved blog if you registered the matching username.

    You can either register a blog with a name that’s close to the ones you point to or you can purchase your own domain via a domain mapping upgrade.

    When mapping a domain to a free hosted blog there must be an underlying blog URL to map from. But it does not matter what the underlying blog URL is at all. No matter which URL is clicked the vistor will be seamlessly directed the domain URL and locate the content.

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