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Reserved Name

  1. Hi I was just trying to set a new wordpress up and found my main name has been reserved.. I started one years ago with the name thegodlight but I cannot seem to find anywhere to login, ive done google searches.. I typed name in address bar but I cannot find it.. I could my password and the email will be one I have used for a lot of things.. It means a lot to get it as I have everything under the same name from sites to blogs and twitter and facebook..

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When we register a username account the blog that matches that username account which we have registered is "reserved" for our use. We can activate it by contacting Staff and I have flagged this thread for their attention.

  3. I can prove I own everything to do with The God Light on the internet, as well as having the email that connected to the first account, which I probably made about 6 years ago.

  4. That's good because as I said above I have flagged this thread for Staff attention for you.

  5. The blog was reserved for a user who signed up with the same username back in February. This user has a email address.

  6. Thats me, I think I tried to access it quickly then forgot about it.. I own but I just cannot get on today.. I can't find a link to it anywhere..

  7. Just checked my emails.. I am sure I would of used a email.. As I used to use that mainly years ago.. One big problem with my emails is I moved server just over a month ago and I left all my emails, so I cannot go back that far to check.. Can someone email and activation thingy or something to the email connected so I can fix the issue..


  8. No, I cannot take action on the account without proof of ownership. Blogs are the property of the users who register them, not the companies they are employed with.

    The email address on the blog in question belongs to a leon at that domain email address.

  9. Email me then at [email redacted] or [email redacted] and I will reply to you... Those are the 2 accounts I use..

  10. Please just email the accounts and I will reply from the email accounts, that is the way most people prove themselves.

  11. The forum strips out your email address, so he can't read it, much less contact you that way.

  12. I realised that afterwards contact me via @thegodlight on twitter, you can see that connects to all of my accounts online..

  13. He's not going to connect via twitter either. YOU need to contact him via the email address he's talking about.

  14. I would if I knew who to email, one of the emails is connected to the swasuk account, but I cannot contact anyone without an email to send a message to.

  15. support at wordpress dot com

  16. Thanks raincoaster

  17. swasuk, were you able to email us? If so, we'll reply via email shortly.

    If you haven't emailed us yet, I could send an email to the email address on the account.

  18. Thanks Macmanx I got the email and sorted it out, though login is separate to this account, is there anyway of getting them on the same page, so I can move between blogs quickly..

  19. You can transfer the blogs to one account following this guide:

  20. Thanks for that Mac, sorted it.

  21. You're welcome!

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