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    I wish to register ‘teampi.wordpress.com’ but it states that it is reserved. However, when I surf to that URL it tells me it does not exist and did I mean something else…

    Can anyone tell me if this name is actually reserved, as I would really like to have it for a new blog please? :(

    Blog url: http://sloggs.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is sloggs.wordpress.com.


    A simple search of the Help pages will answer most questions:

    Blogs that have been deleted by the owner will remain deleted. We cannot, under any circumstances, allow someone to take over a blog name that was previously owned and deleted by its original/previous owner. Please do not submit support requests asking us to do this.




    Thanks for the info (& apologies for not conducting a ‘simple search’ of the forum!)

    I actually wanted to ask a support team the question and went through the over complicated ‘support’ ask a question route, only to be led to post in a forum.

    Would have been useful if whilst requesting a certain blog name which appears as simply ‘reserved’, if there was actually some explanation of what that means! If it would have said as you suggest, that the name was an old blog and therefore cannot be used, job done, no need to bother anyone with a question.

    By the way, how do you know that the name I wanted was once a blog anyway, or are you just making the assumption?

    Also, is there no way to actually email a question to WordPress support directly? :s



    When a person opens an account of WordPress.COM the blog name that is associated with that account is also reserved for that account



    As auxclass has said when we register a username account the matching blog is reserved for our future use. It cannot be obtained by anyone other than the person who has registered the matching username.



    Is there a way to find out who the name is reserved for and ask them to transfer the unused name?

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