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    I have had a regular issue with the iPhone app where I’ll update a post draft, only to find that the post that remains in the iPhone’s list of posts does not update. At some point later, the updated post then gets saved as the un-updated version, and because the new text only existed in the phone, the changes are not even available as old versions on the full website.

    I’m guessing a problem that’s related is somehow I occasionally get older draft posts being reported as “local” on the phone.

    Is there anyway to reset the iPhone app so it updates all it’s data from the full website?



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    Hi Accidental,

    I’m trying to re-create this, and I’m having some issues. It’s working fine for me!

    Could you let me know a bit more info? What version of the app and iOS are you using?

    Could you take a before and after screenshot? To take a screenshot on your iPhone hold down the on/off button at the top and the home button on the front for a few seconds. Then you can upload that image to your media gallery where I can check it out.

    Thanks for all the clarification, and I’m really sorry you’ve been having an ongoing problem!

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