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    Hi there. I have lost the password for my entire account (I made a new one for use on the forums). When I go through the “lost password” process, I receive the first email from support-wordpress almost instantly. I then click the link to reset my password, and I am taken to a page that says to recheck my email for the new password. I recheck my email, but there is no new email. I have checked my spam folder without any luck. I have gone through this process several times without any problems up to that last part (I probably shouldn’t have, but I wanted to make sure the email wasn’t being held back by any spam rules set on my email account). I contacted support two or three days ago, describing the same problem, but I have not received anything from them either. I have a feeling that if support has sent me a reply email already (I do not know how long it takes), then the email has been lost for the same reason that my reset password email has been lost. I find the entire situation odd, since I receive the first support-wordpress email, but not the later one. I’m willing to admit that there is probably something that I’ve done along the way to provoke the internet gods (i.e. to mess up the configuration settings), but I cannot think what it might be. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it if you would do one of the following:

    1) Give me suggestions. I would like to know what settings (spam or otherwise) I can change to help my case, but any suggestion would be helpful. I think I’ve done everything I can, but I could easily be overlooking something obvious (if anyone has any experience with Modus Webmail, maybe you know).
    2) Point me towards a forum thread that addresses this or similar issues (maybe this has been solved already).
    3) Tell me how I might be able to clarify my problem. I think I’ve been succinct, but who knows.
    4) Finally, put me in contact with someone who could allow me to prove, by sending an email from my account’s address, that the account is mine. Hopefully this person could a) have my password reset and sent to another email address, or b) have my blogs placed under the administration of my new account.

    Let me know, thanks.


    As a note, the problem is with my account. I say this implicitly, but it’s best to clarify.


    Just trying to keep this alive.



    If you’ve checked all your settings and it’s not working, have you tried using a different browser? I doubt it would help but you’d be surprised how often something like Safari or IE 6 causes problems.

    If that doesn’t help, you’ll need to contact staff with details as this is something the volunteers won’t be able to help you with. You can do that through the support link below. Hope you get it sorted.


    Thanks for your input. I was initially using Firefox when the problem started. I then tried using another computer, and then using IE on that computer. I have taken your advice, and on my Kubuntu laptop I downloaded Opera, but to no avail. I have already contacted support once, filling in the information without logging into my account, but since support was down at the time that I made this account I had not yet done so using this account. I created this topic in the hopes of attracting someone with authority while the support form was down (as was the case two days ago), but even volunteer input is useful.


    Just to clarify–I have contacted support again.

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