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  1. please set back my theme to default. thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is no such thing as a theme reset button here. Please state what you need help with.

  3. starshining4ever

    You can change your own theme.

  4. re: the 404 error on the front page

    Nothing Found
    It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.

    By default your front page displays all your posts and you have not published any posts. The 404 (page not found) error message on the front page of your blog appeared because you deleted the placeholder Hello World post. As soon as you publish a post, not a page it will disappear.

  5. @starshining4ever
    Please let me take this thread

  6. starshining4ever

    Ok :)

  7. @whistlerandhustler
    You have created several static pages.

    Pages we bloggers create are static ie. they do not automatically update and are for content that rarely changes. Only the dynamic Categories pages created by the software when we assign Categories to Posts will automatically update.

    The front page of the blog by default will display your posts (not pages) in reverse chronological order, with the most recently published post on top. Though there is only one dynamic page in a blog for posts and we cannot post to more than that one page, we can create the appearance that we have posted to more than one page.

    We organize posts by assigning categories to them. You can create a custom menu and add the dynamic automatically updating categories pages created by the software into the custom menu.

    Here’s a link to a custom menu walk-through >

    There are many common errors, misunderstanding and misconceptions when creating custom menus and you can read about them here >

  8. @starshining4ever
    This is why I asked that of you. Bloggers asking what appear to be simple theme changing theme questions are frequently not stating the have created a perplexing mess they cannot find their way out of. Many believe that they= can "reset" a theme to default settings and wipe out what they have done or chnage themes to wipe it out. Tat is NOT the case. The issues will still be there.

  9. starshining4ever

    @timethief, thanks for clarifying and being willing to help sort out real problems :) God bless!

  10. @starshining4ever
    Thanks for understanding the heads up I gave you. Thanks also for not referring to my typos (I'm visually challenged).

  11. starshining4ever


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