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reset user name and password

  1. HI
    In 2009 we created a blog at The employee responsible has moved on. The user name/password I have doesn't work. I don't know what email was used because, when we request a new password, we don't get the email at

    We would like to create a new user name and password for

    Please advise.

    Note: I understand security concerns but please consider the following:
    1. We can prove who we are and that we are entitled to use this name.
    2. This blog has not been used (or misused) for three years.
    3. It is important for us to continue to use the name

    Thank you,

    [email redacted]

  2. Note that we Volunteers do not provide email support. Please see the Staff response here:

    We'll need you to prove ownership of the account before we can take any account, and the only things that we can accept for that would be either an email from the email address the account is registered to or confirmation of the account's API key.

    API key >

  3. Volunteers=Forum, Support=Staff. Okay, I get it now. Can you connect me with Staff?
    It seems unreasonable that someone would be expected to retain an email with an API key from three years ago. I can prove who I am and that I have the right to use this name.



  4. Blogs at are the property of the users who register them. The ownership can be transferred to another user, but that transfer needs to be done or requested by the current owner.

    In order to restore access, we'll either need to see a request in this thread from the current owner, receive an email from the ggu[...](at) address on that account, or receive confirmation of that account's API key.

  5. Okay, one out of the three.

    The company, IMAGIC, is the current owner of this Blog. The Blog was administered by an ex-employee (Greg Gombert) on behalf of IMAGIC while he was in our employ. Since he was our employee at the time, we retained rights (and responsibility) for everything he did, including administering this Blog.

    Due to the circumstances of his demise, and the fact that he changed the password after he was fired (old login imagicusa:gg1803), I doubt whether we're going to get voluntary cooperation from this person.

    So, if you need further proof of our identity or our assertion as the owner of, please advise and we will be happy to comply.

    Thanks for your attention.

    Michael Resudek
    owner, Imagic Digital Imaging and Design

  6. Yes, but under our policies, blogs are the property of the user who registered them, not the company or person they represent.

    Therefore, Greg Gombert is the legal owner of the blog.

    We will need to receive a request from him to transfer.

  7. You DO understand that IMAGIC IS THE LEGAL OWNER since Greg Gombert was our employee and we retain all rights to physical and intellectual property he created while he was in our employ?

    Is there someone in your legal department you can check with?



  8. Looks like it's time to take a look at your policies.

    I appreciate your effort.

    Is there someone to whom you can escalate this request?


  9. @macmanx
    It's my undertasning that the legal owner of the username and the blog, which is merely on a sub-domain and is not a TLD (top level domain) is the party who registered the username, provided the email address which became the unique identifier, and registered the blog in question under the said username. Is that correct?

  10. I am not a lawyer.

    If you agree that we are the party who registered with, then YES.

  11. Did you have a contract with Greg that covered intellectual property etc? If so then the contract should have a provision that requires him to turn over said property - which might include passwords and access. Some companies I worked for had contracts like that - others did not.

    Flip the request around and look at it from's view - why should they believe you? What if you are a fake? What if they transfer ownership to a thief? Maybe I am a fake?

  12. timethief, yes, the blog is the property of the user who registered and owns it, and that user registered with a Gmail address, not an email address under the company's domain.

    mresudek, I have forwarded your request to those in charge of such things. You should receive a reply today or tomorrow.

  13. @macmanx
    Thanks for the reply.

  14. Points, understood, auxclass. But, I can prove who we are and that we have the right to the name. That's the difference.

    Let's say you were in business for thirty-six years and had a trusted employee who changed the administrative information on your website After you parted ways you discovered this and knew that you were being held hostage. If this employee decided to punish you by making changes to your website or use the domain name for illegal activities like phishing, you wouldn't be happy. Nor would your new employee who wouldn't be able to update your website, change email addresses, etc.

    For that reason domain name registrars have procedures to return domain names to their rightful owners. (On one occasion I've dealt with Network Solutions on behalf of a client. It was pretty straight-forward. Fax (remember those?) a letterhead with a statement/signature of the owner, something like that.)

    Just sayin'

  15. The blog is a free hosted blog on a sub-domain. It's not a Top Level Domain macmanx posted this above.

  16. @mresudek

    Can you please submit the form at with all appropriate details? Our abuse team will review everything for you.

  17. Thank you, Bubel. I will report back with the untimate solution.

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