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    thanks in advance for anyone who is willing to help me!

    I’d like to change the theme of my blog from Regulus to The Journalist v1.9. But when I activate the theme and then go check out the blog in its new style, I’m getting something nowhere near how it should look like. It looks aweful — wrong columns, incorrect fonts and indentation.

    I’m a newbie here so I think the problem is that I have been manually playing around with the Regulus stylesheet through the CSS Editor and changed code to the theme’s stylesheet. When I tick “Start from scratch and just use this” after copy pasting in the original code of Regulus, and then changing the theme to Journalist, I’m still getting the same problems.

    I’m really keen to just get back to the normal situation when I started putting posts up.

    Can anybody help me please? Is there a way to reset the blog?



    Yes. Delete everything in the CSS editing box (or cut and paste it somewhere else to save it, if you like). Click ‘Add to existing stylesheet’ and then Save Changes. This will remove all the CSS customization and you should be able to activate any theme you like without problems.


    Very cool and so simple. Thanks a lot.

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