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    Lately I was annoyed because pictures from the web can’t be auto resize by selecting thumbnail, large,…
    Would it maybe be possible to add this option for pictures uploaded via an URL?
    Maybe there should be an option that let’s you choose whether to import pictures to your library or not. And when you do so get the option to resize them?


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    The blog I need help with is



    Where’s the problem with making them the size you want before you upload them? You don’t need Photoshop to do that.



    1. I’m talking about pictures from the internet.
    2. It will take alot more time, save the picture, resize them. When I have to save the picture I can just upload it from my machine so it makes no sense.



    I know what you’re talking about. It takes about 10 seconds to resize an image.

    Perhaps the copyright holders of the images you are taking from the net and using — with their permission in writing, right? — will resize them for you to make it easier.


    After inserting the image, click on the image in the editor to highlight it. Click on the image edit icon at upper left of the image and you can adjust the size by percentage there. Make sure and click the “update” button when done.

    Do be aware that the image will simply be resized by the browser which means that the larger the change in size, the more quality will be lost. That is the drawback of doing things this way. If you go 50%, then the quality is going to suffer dramatically, and if you go up in size, the quality is going to degrade even more quickly.



    I do know about this, but wouldn’t it be more easy if it was possible to adjust the size when you post it?


    I suppose it would be easier, but I’ve never really worried about it because I very seldom post images from the web on my blog.

    First, being a photographer I’m very sensitive to copyright issues and never post anything without asking for permission first unless I am completely sure that it is either creative license or in the public domain, and sometimes that can take a few weeks – if I even get a response to my request at all.

    Secondly when you are posting an image using the URL of the image on the web, you are stealing bandwidth from the place where the photo is hosted (unless it is on your own account at flickr or somewhere like that). I don’t want people stealing my bandwidth, so in turn I don’t steal anyone else’s.



    Where’s the problem with making them the size you want before you upload them? You don’t need Photoshop to do that. thats


    @ mp3indirsene, if they are images that are from other sources (not your own), and you are linking to them instead of saving them to your computer and uploading them, then you cannot resize them until after you insert them (from URL) into a post or page. That is the actual issue discussed in this thread.



    @thesacredpath: it’s my photobucket account so noones bandwidth is stolen.

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