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Resize Image, Storage Space Impact

  1. I have resized some images using the media editing within wordpress. I did it to save storage space. Originally they were huge, uploaded at original high resolution.

    My % used of storage space has gone up as a result. I wanted it to go down. Is this because wordpress keeps a copy of the original so that it can be restored? How do I get the storage space back?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. few options;

    delete content
    upgrade storage space
    re-size images to reduce size.

    Any image/video/file you upload from your computer to to use in your blog will require space on your account/blog. The data needs to remain there in order for it to display on your blog.

  3. You didn't understand my post.

    I have resized to smaller sizes. Resizing did not yield any increase in space. Actually it used more space.

  4. You are right, i did misread.

    Maybe creates a copy of the image, because based on the link below, it lets you revert your changes, so a copy of the original must be saved somewhere, and that may count against your storage space.


    It’s always a good idea to maintain a copy of any images on your computer, but you do have the ability to revert any previous edits made to the image and restore the original image that you uploaded initially to your media library.

    I never tried the editor, so not sure if that's the case or not.

  5. yes images can be restored.

    My question is whether the space can be recovered without deleting and uploading a smaller size.

  6. No. is not an image management platform. Image files are stored in your media library as you upload them.

    I've never used the editing provides, probably because I started my first blog before they had that feature.

    When I've tried it on test blogs for answering questions here in these forums, it was not a very good image editing platform either.

    My blog is about cooking so small images are often useful but when they are uploaded as large files does a ratty job of displaying them (though okay for my purposes.)

    But displaying small pictures doesn't necessarily mean the files are small. You really have to take care of compressing your files before uploading.

    I started looking at image sizes on your blog, but then got distracted by reading it. The most recent pictures didn't look like they were outrageously huge. Are you running out of storage space?

    When I first started blogging some of my files were 300 or 400kb but I quickly learned that an image under 100 kb, even under 50kb look just fine online.

    But the bad news is that there is no automatic way to compress your image files. If you resort to compressing them and reloading them you'll have to also re-insert them into your posts and pages because they will be renamed.

  7. So the resize is more like setting the display resolution rather than an image resize.

    I standardized on a fixed resolution a few months into my blog so all of the recent photos are ok. Its some of the old ones that I uploaded which are a few Mb each. I want to have them all my standard size and get the associated space savings.

  8. Actually you've answered your question from the start: yes, "wordpress keeps a copy of the original so that it can be restored".

    How much storage space have you used?

  9. 43%. I don't need more storage space now. It's just that we're not very busy at work at the moment so wanted to keep myself occupied freeing up some space, future proofing my blog.

    Is there any way to remove the originals apart from deleting the image completely?

  10. Yes, that's right. The image resizing you do on does nothing to change the size of the file in your library. Actually, I'm surprised that you said % used went up!!!

    You can't be running out of storage space though if most of your images are already compressed.

    I have 4451 images on my main (neglected) blog and have used only 8% of the allowed free storage space. So despite my early innocence or ignorance there is no harm done, except that large files make pages load slowly.

  11. oops. should have refreshed before hitting submit…

  12. Is there any way to remove the originals apart from deleting the image completely?

    No. And re-uploading the files with the same name will mean that will automatically rename them with an added number so you will have to open posts where the large images are and replace them. If you delete them from your media library they won't be in your posts anymore. And the new name will mean they are no longer linked to the posts they were in.

  13. 43%. I don't need more storage space now.

    Right: if you've used 43% you needn't really bother - as Tess showed, the remaining 1.7+GB is enough for many many thousands of properly sized images (like the ones on your latest post).

    But no, there's no other way to free up space: the only way is to delete the oversized images from you media library and upload/insert copies you've downsized in an image editing application.

  14. @justpi

    Maybe you know about this which just occurred to me? What if outbackjoe deleted his original large image files, how long would he have to wait for them to clear from all the servers so that wouldn't automatically rename them?

    I've re-uploaded files which didn't get re-named auto-matt-ically but have never paid attention to how much time passed.

    Of course the posts with the large files would sit on the internet without pictures for a while, but joe wouldn't have to go to each post one by one to replace them.

  15. Yes I know: you aren't thinking of identical name only, you're thinking of identical URL, so the answer is Joe would have to wait forever, or till WP changes the system.
    If you delete an image you uploaded this month then upload an image with the same file name, it gets an extra number in the name no matter how many days have passed after you deleted the original version. If you upload it after the month has passed, you don't get the extra number but you get a different date in the URL. So what you're thinking of isn't possible with images uploaded to WP.

  16. Rats, yes I forgot about the date in the url. It's probably a good thing I don't make my living as a crook because I forget about those tricky little things when I try to be a trickster. ≥^!^≤

  17. I always just tell people to register a new blog and hotlink images from there. Poof, unlimited free storage.

  18. 2 thoughts:
    1. Curious now, since it appears that is actually pulling in hotlinked images to a site's Media Library. (reference)

    2. Could be useful for single images, but you can't hotlink images for the Gallery feature. Those have to be uploaded to a site's Media Library.

  19. Also doesn't address the issue of slow loading pages when posts have huge images in them.

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