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Resize of images in WordPress

  1. I have a blog in which I would wish to post photos. My template would allow me about 500 px width, but I want my readers to have also a bigger version of picture.

    What's the best way to automatically resize a image w/out having the image ruined.

    I tried with Vivtiger image resizer, but somehow - it doesn't resize.

    Almost all of my images are 700x525, and I would like them to be 400x300 posted size, and when clicked - origina, 700x525.

    So, how can I manage that?

  2. You post the image using the uploader just like normal, adjust the size displayed, then you make it link to the uploaded image URL; that way it clicks and resizes to maximum, without the blog as background. I THINK "link to file" does this automatically, but am not 100% sure.

  3. It works, but as I said, it pixelates the image. Is there a plugin that uses certain algorithm to smooth the image when resizing?

  4. No. There is nothing available at that will improve the quality of a file you upload. And shrinking things does pixellate them somewhat.

  5. OK, so if i generate the thumbnails via Fireworks or PS, i will have to use some pop-up plugin...

  6. We don't have plugins at Have you read the information in the link provided by raincoaster right above your most recent message?

  7. hi tommei, this might work:

    As suggested above by raincoast, using "upload" then sending "Full size image", and "link to file".

    Now, it would be possible to drag the corners of the image to the required size, but do not do this, as it makes the image look rubbish/pixelated, so instead:

    Press "Save and continue editing", then switch to the "code" edit view, and change the dimensions within the img tag to the ones you'd like.

  8. @luckyblog
    Thumbs up! (This is what I do when required.)

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