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    I have two blogs, and on one blog I am able to resize a picture within the blog, using handles on the corners of the picture. On my other blog, it’s not letting me do that. Am I missing a setting or something that allows me to freely resize photos within my blog? Thanks!
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    I always size my images offline to fit exactly where I want to place them before uploading them. As well as being able to set the size of an image from the image settings you can also edit the image directly from the visual editor. To do this click on an image in the visual editor and select the configure button:


    I try to do the same offline, but since some images are vertical and some horizontal, I end up needing to resize anyway. I understand how to resize from the configure button, but on my one wordpress blog, when I click on an image, handles appear on the corners, and I can resize using the handles, *without* using the configure button. It’s much easier this way, and I can’t figure out how to do it on my other blog! Anyone know how to make the handles pop up?


    If you have them on one blog and not on the other blog that sounds very strange to me. Have you tried clearing your browser cache and cookies?


    I believe I figured out the issue – Chrome browser doesn’t let me resize with handles, but Firefox does. I think that cleared it up!



    It’s good to hear you have resolved this issue. Best wishes.

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