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Resize Problems

  1. After making a few tweaks to the CSS, my page is pretty much exactly how I want it - except for the whole resizing thing.

    I have my sidebar set to float:left and main part of the page floating to the right, but when I when the window's at less than full screen, the sidebar gets completely hidden - you can't scroll over to it, it just gets stuck off page until the window's big enough.

    I was wondering if there was any way I'd be able to set it up so it sticks in place and doesn't go off-screen with smaller windows?

    (My URL is
    Here's the code:

    #sidebar {<br /> position:absolute;<br /> width:230px;<br /> padding:10px;<br /> background:#FFFFFF;<br /> clip:auto;<br /> float:left;<br /> margin-left:-316px;<br /> margin-top:-241px;<br /> }</p> <p>#main {<br /> width:600px;<br /> float:right;<br /> margin-right:100px;<br /> padding:0;<br /> }

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Looks like thesacredpath already helped you out with this question here:

    Please post back if that was a different issue and you still need help.

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