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    I have baseball statistics that are best displayed in a table. I was able to create the table markup in a separate editor and pasted the HTML in to the editor’s HTML tab.

    When I switch back to the Visual tab, the tabular data displays fine enough, but the width of the editor is so small all of the text in the table cells is rendered vertically. There’s lots of just empty space to the left and right of the UI. It looks like the width of the editor is limited to 695px.

    We really need more width with editor UI. I have a 1980×1080 resolution monitor. I’m full screen with the browser. I even went into devTools and tried to find the width constraint in the CSS and modify is locally to make it easier to edit the text.

    The blog I need help with is



    Took another look via the devTools. If you can change “post-editor__inner” width value to 90% instead of 1080px, that would make working with many-columned tables much easier.

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