Resized site – what did I just do?

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    In the past hour or so, my blog (including my dashboard) has been reproportioned, and I don’t recall doing anything to effect this. I checked another site with the same theme, and it looks fine. What did I do? And how do I fix this?

    The blog I need help with is


    In your browser, go to your “view” menu and reset your zoom level.



    That worked. Thanks, sir. I feel stupid. Why did that happen just on my site, though? I would think that every site I checked would have been zoomed out…


    Don’t feel stupid, it happens to everyone – and more often in the past 6 months it seems. Most browsers today will remember the view settings for particular sites so if you zoom in on a particular site to enlarge the text, the browser will remember that and enlarge it the next time you go there – until you change it back.

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