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    I have a gallery on my website and I was wondering how you can make all the thumbnails the same size becuase they’re all different shapes and sizes.
    Thanks again.

    The blog I need help with is


    How can they possibly show up “the same size” when they’re “different shapes”? If you want them to show up the same, you need to edit them in an image editing application and make sure they all have the same aspect ratio (by cropping, or by adding extra horizontal or vertical space).


    I just thought that there could possibly be a way to have the images fixed or stretched to a certain size so that all the thumbnails would be equal in size and shape..


    Yes there is, but a) only if you insert them as individual images, not as a gallery, b) it can be used effectively for minor adjustments only: in your case some images would be grossly distorted.

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