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Resizing font in text widget, Structure Theme

  1. Hi

    I have a text widget on the blog homepage ( but the size of the font is too small. As it is next to a picture I want the text to be larger, and look like it is wasting less space. Is there a way of resizing the text, possibly using CSS?

    Also, while I'm on the text widget subject, is it possible to add links in a text widget? I would like to be able to link to my most recent posts, so the Recent Posts widget should be ideal. However, my three most recent posts are merely there to display on the homepage, with other posts categorized on the "News" page. Is it possible to either a) add links to a text widget so I can create my own links to the posts I want, or b) exclude certain posts from the Recent Posts widget?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can resize the text in a text widget:

    You could make a links text widget by using the Visual Editor to write links:
    Then switch to the HTML Editor, copy the code, and paste it into a text widget.

    If you "News" articles are a category, then it would be easier to use a custom menu widget:

    But more important, are you confusing pages and posts? You blog is private so I can't check what you mean by "News" page. Blogs have only one dynamically updated posting page.

  3. @1tess Thanks, I'll check all those out. By the sound of it they should answer my query, so thanks!

    As for the News page, what I've done is linked the menu to display blog posts tagged in the "News" category. Then by copying and pasting the full post into the extract space for the most recent entries it will display like a regular blog page. I will check out the custom menu widget as well though, as this might make things easier.

  4. @1tess The resizing the text in the widget worked perfectly, thanks for the advice! As for the links in the text widget, that has also proved very helpful. Very much appreciated!

    One additional question: currently the links all appear on the homepage as one long run on sentence. Is it possible to enter them down to the next line? I've tried using the paragraph <P> code but it hasn't made a difference. Do you know how I can enter each link on a new line?

  5. Under the text widget editor there is a check box that says "Automatically add paragraphs" That should do it!

  6. @1tess D'oh! I should have seen that. Thanks for setting me straight!

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