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Resizing header in Vigilance?

  1. I was wondering if there is a way to increase the height of a header. I love vigilance, as I've been able to modify quite a bit of it...but I would really like a taller header. Any suggestions?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I fixed it :)

  3. Yea vigilance is the (imo) nicest theme and very modify-able. Btw, how did you change the font? With the CSS upgrade?

    and what's with all the password protected posts...?

  4. Yes, I upgraded the CSS to change the font.

    I began password protecting my posts (which are about my life/family/kids) when random people started commenting on the blog...just a little extra protection, ya know?

  5. New problem...I figured out how to change it with CSS...and it worked, but it won't let me upload new headers at 300px (height) is making me crop it when I upload. Any suggestions?

  6. Stollinlove, how did you change the font within your blog? I just purchased the CSS upgrade, however nothing is making sense at this point. I am mainly looking to change the default fonts within my widgets and sidebars. What's being used now is U-G-L-Y. My blog address is

    Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks.

  7. @imaprile
    Actually the standard font of Vigilance is quite ok I found. It's very readable (thats why newspapers use this kind of font) and not tiring to the eye. I'm also using Vigilance theme. But I see you have that Typekit thingy, so you could change fonts there, just remember to add the right classifyers (that correspond to the side bar/widgets). If you don't know, classifyers are little codes like: h1, h2, h3, h4, body etc. which represents stuff like headings, body text etc. You have to check you CSS file and see which classifyers are your sidebar and then in Typekit, it'll ask if you'd like to add classifyers, and you just add it there. I also tried Typekit and there are quite some nice fonts, but I just couldn't stand that Typekit button stuck in the bottom-right corner scrolling with the page. I'd rather have it shown as a logo in de sidebar.

    Anyways, hope this helped!

  8. @ starsquid
    It's just not "me". Yes, I do have the typekit fonts, but I can't figure out how to get them to work/activate. I FINALLY figured out the CSS coding to change other areas, so i'm sure I can fiddle with it. Any suggestions? Thanks!!

  9. Hi imaprile...sorry...I was away from this for a few days and never saw your comment. I manually changed the fonts to century gothic in my CSS code. For example, in the body section of my code...I added this :
    font:x-small Century Gothic, Serif;

    I'm sure there are much techinical terms to these changes, but I'm not a tech. person...I just play until I like how it looks :) Thank god for the preview button!

  10. Thank you! I'm still trying to figure out some things to my CSS, but I'm getting there. I'm addicted to "tweaking" my blog!

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