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    I’m using “image galleries” to organize and display photographs on my blog (, but I’m having trouble getting the images to appear in the size I’d like when viewed as an “attachment page.”

    All the images in my galleries are on the larger size, the long edge is 980 pixels. This size is perfect for landscape oriented images (, but not for portrait oriented images ( With portrait oriented images, this size makes it so that people visiting the website can’t view the entire image at once, they have to scroll up/down.

    I’m trying to figure out how to change the size that portrait oriented images appear on an attachment page for a gallery. I don’t want to simply resize the images, because I’d still like the full size image to be available (and because that’s a really ghetto way of solving this problem), I simply want to be able to adjust the size at which the images display on the gallery’s attachment page.

    Here’s what I’ve already tried: In the media menu (under “settings”), I’ve set the “Large Size” images to have a maximum horizontal length of 940 and a maximum vertical length of 680. This only seems to have an effect, however, when I insert images directly into a post. This setting isn’t having any effect on my galleries’ attachment pages.

    The blog I need help with is



    Attachment pages display images at their full size. The only way that I know of changing this is with the paid CSS upgrade. I don’t know of many people who use attachment pages so it might be an idea to make your pictures link directly to the image file itself. My browser (Firefox) autosize images to fit the screen if they are too large with an option of zooming in/out if the user wants to.


    Thanks for the reply, though the answer isn’t what I hoped.

    I know what you’re suggesting, I’ve tried it briefly actually, but I’m pretty partial to the attachment page over the direct-to-image-file link. The extra information and navigation options that come with the attachment page make it a better fit for what I’m doing, so I may have to go with a paid CSS upgrade.

    Thanks for the answer, hallluke.

    Does anyone else have any other information or advice?



    With the newer themes there is also a link to the original image when your image is larger than what is shown on the attachment page. What theme are you using? I couldn’t find any Gallery on the one linked to your name using Twenty Ten.



    Sorry, a little slow this morning. Looking at this attachment page just at the top you can see the link to the original image

    Full size is 980 × 653 pixels

    and the dimensions are a link.

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