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resizing / optimizing photos after upload

  1. I have made the mistake of uploading a large number of photos and even comiling a page before learning the importance of optimizing. So, the page take, oh, about an hour to load, as does the uploads manager on the dashboard. To go through and remove all of the files one by one, waiting for each to load before hitting delete file, then resize each on on a separate program, then re-upload, would, needless to say, be a giant hassle.

    Does anyone have any tips on how I can take care of this problem relatively efficiently? I am looking for a way either to resize without removing the file, or a way to delete ALL of the photos at once. Any tips on efficiently trimming my kbs down at this point would be lovely.

    thanks for reading!


  2. i believe you have to do it one by one. if it's storage space you're worried about, you could upload your photos in a photo hosting site (flickr, photobucket) in future and link from there.

  3. thanks - that's what I was afraid of. I actually do have a flickr page - what I am worried about is the time it takes at the viewers' end - will this help?

  4. if you know / guess your readers are mostly made up of dial-up users, you may want to resize the images for faster loading of your blog. you could also limit the number of posts in your home page to quicken loading. broadband users can take the load of large images fine.

  5. You MIGHT get staff to do it for you, but only if you have a TON of photos. Then they'd delete all of them at once. Send a feedback on Monday and in the meantime, don't upload photos! Cuz they'll be gone!

  6. that would be positively amazing. There are, in fact, a TON of photos. (So sorry for the mistake - a newcomer's over-exuberance) If the brilliant staff wonder-humans are able and willing to delete them for me, how do I resize the files once I'm ready to upload a fresh batch, and how small should they be for swiftest loading w/ best appearance?

  7. and I bit the bullet and deleted them - took less time of aggressive clicking than expected - I had realized that there were some files there that were small and shouldn't be deleted.

    Thanks again for your help!

  8. no problem. =)

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