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    just wondering whether there’s any theme where the pics you copy/paste from other sites can be resized to fit the theme… cos, i have the problem of photos too big or small whenever i change theme…

    The blog I need help with is



    You can upload your pics at Pixenate , crop them to the required size and then upload on your blog. I am doubtful there would be a theme to fit your description.


    It’s not a theme issue.

    When you insert an image into a post, WP creates a version of the image in specific dimensions. The HTML of the image on your latest post, for example, is this:
    <img src="" alt="" width="720" height="349" />
    When you change theme, the code remains the same (unless you edit it), so the dimensions of the version displayed remain the same (except in some themes that constrain the image to the available width no matter if the code asks for a wider one). You can make the images adapt to the width of each theme by removing the height command from the code and changing the width command to this:
    Of course this will only work well if the originals are wider than the available width of the theme, otherwise they’ll be blown up and become pixellated.

    PS You understand that the phrase “the pics you copy/paste from other sites” is a very questionable phrase.


    /nod to panos.

    Yes, blogs here have been archived and/or suspended for using images they do not have permission to use. Just make sure the images are either in the public domain, under CC license (and you have complied) or that you have permission from the copyright holder to use the image.

    Not sayin’ you are doing anything illegal, just sayin’


    You have some nice images on your site by the way.



    Resize the images in your favorite graphic app to the exact size you want it to be and then upload it to your blog. This way, you’re not dependent on a them and have the images exactly the size you want it to be. Ofcourse, if you change themes, you might need to resize them again to fit the theme width. (but then again, you dont change themes every month right) g’luck with the photos!



    “where the pics you copy/paste from other sites can be resized to fit the theme”

    Like thesacredpath said, as I also have a photoblog (with own work), I’m not sure what you mean by “copy/paste from other sites”. Unless you have permission to use the images, I would not rather not do that. Just like you probably wouldnt want me taking your photos and inserting them on my blog.



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